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Cash For Junk Cars

Give us the opportunity to take that junk car off your hands at Cash for Cars Lake Elsinore. We offer you cash for junk cars, regardless of how the car looks. This offer is a no brainer for most people. However, we can understand why some people may be skeptical at first. Nothing is usually as easy as it appears. However, let us assure you that this at Cash for Cars Lake Elsinore, it really is

Junk cars pollute Environment

One of the biggest benefits of selling us your car to us is the effect that it will have on the environment. There are many bad effects a junk car can have on the environment:

  Car fluids

  Waste of gasoline

  Acid from the battery


junk car

  Sodium azide (found in air bags)


 Metal pollution


Save Environment & Space

Having a car that is not disposed of correctly will surely effect the environment for years. If you are a person who usually acts responsibly, we are sure you will see the benefit of allowing us to handle the disposal of your junk car. We will remove the car battery, airbags, fluids, windows, oil filters, catalytic converter and any other components that need to be disposed of. Upon removal of these parts, they will be properly disposed of. You don’t have to give it a second thought.

When we offer you cars for junk cars we realize that we are also helping many of you out by, not only properly disposing of your car, but giving you more space. If you have a car taking up vital space around your home, why not think about what you can use in that space instead. You also wouldn’t want any small children being harmed by an old car that is simply sitting around your home. All of these are things should be given serious consideration. Let us take care of this for you buy coming to pick up that old car and giving you something in exchange, cash.

We want you to know that there is an easy way to get extra cash that you may not have ever thought of before. If you don’t have the skills or the patience to try to sell a car, you don’t need any of these when you sell us your car. We provide you with a seamless transaction. Call us up today and get the cash you want.

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Thanks Cash for Junk Cars, I really mean that. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to get a good deal on my used car before I left the country, but you guys really had me covered. I appreciate this service, and recommend it to anyone.

Calvin S.